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Mandy Rose Chat Rules.

You must be 13+ to enter this room.

Minor Offenses.

For these offenses, you should be WARN first with a message on main, then a muted if you persist, then your kicked out for 2 hours.

  • Personal attacks on other users.
  • Cunt is NEVER allowed in any chat room, neither is racist words or anything close to it in anyway such as (n**er, chink, etc). These words will cause a person to be removed immediately.
  • Posting links to other websites is never allowed. You will be warned 1st with a mute. Spam bots will be kicked/ban asap.
  • Posting/requesting Skype/Twitter/Kik/Snapchat/Email/Phone Numbers/Addresses etc on the main page is NOT allowed. Even usernames too or cam feeds of them.
  • Users not speaking English.
  • Engaging in sexually explicit conversations on the main page. Please take it to pm and/or whisper.
  • Scrolling. People who send too many messages as part of a conversation or very long messages (aka over 4 lines) quickly/frequently.

Intermediate Offenses.

For these offenses, you will be IMMEDIATELY mute with a warning, and then 2 hour kick if not stopped. Might be reported to the site admin depending on the nature of the kick.

  • Any users with swastikas usernames/avatars, usernames/conversations involving the n-word (among other racial slurs for other groups), or their opinions spark several heated arguments.
  • Bigotry: racism, sexism, and homophobia on the main page.
  • Drug usage/paraphernalia on cam. Weed is one thing, but people who are talking about using hard drugs such as crack, cocaine, etc need to be gag to stop the activity.
  • Users with names/avatars that have references to sexual activity or genitalia.
  • Cloning of another user
  • Spammers/flooders/scrolling.

Major Offenses

For these offenses, you will be IMMEDIATELY kick on the spot. If your admin please ban them for 1 year without warning and will be reported to the site admin.

  • Model and/or porn star agencies looking to recruit
  • Users asking for credit card/cash for any activity, sexual or not.
  • Users exposing genitalia of any kind on web-camera, or requesting to have cam sex/selling cam shows.
  • Users impersonating known pedophiles [Jerry Sandusky, etc] and/or using terrorist names, groups or likes.
  • People impersonating moderators/admins
  • Users rolling their IP for ban circumvention.

Extremely High Offenses

For these offenses, you will be IMMEDIATELY kick on the spot. If your the chat admin please ban them for life time without warning and record your ip address to the blacklist and also reported to the site admin.

  • Asking or being under the age of 14.
  • Pedophiles. This includes people asking to talk to/engage in sexual activity with children, anyone with names like 'olderforyounger', 'manforgirl', 'ilikekids', or anything along those lines. This also includes users with children in sexually suggestive poses in avatars or on cam.
  • Anyone who declares interest in pedophilia, bestiality, necrophilia, etc.
  • Anything relating to terrorists/terrorism names(bin laden etc), groups (isis , taliban), likeness, acts, or anything related in anyway.
  • Hackers- Anything related to hacking websites, Downloads, How to's. Bottom line is anything with hacking is never allowed. Anyone threaten to hack anything should be removed and reported too.

Minor Cam Offenses

For these offenses, You will be Verbal warned 1st. Then muted with a warning. Then a kick will be issued if actions are not stopped.

  • A user uses too much curse words towards others.
  • A user using sexual gestures towards others.
  • A user shows drugs or pipes on cam.
  • A user is not showing face when asked too.
  • A user sleeps on cam.
  • A user is too drunk or high on drugs of any kind.

Major Cam Offenses

Result: You will be IMMEDIATELY kick on the spot. If your admin please ban them for life with your ip reported to the site admin.

  • When user has a minor on cam when the rules state no minors allowed on cam.
  • When user is naked on cam or gives a striptease.
  • When a user is showing gang signs.
  • When a user is using needles or anything related to that.
  • Streaming of porn, terrorist videos or anything of that nature.
  • Streaming other websites.
  • Faking a death of any kind.
  • Hurting Pets and kids. If you ever see this call the police as well and report it. You could save a life.
  • User threaten own life with weapon in hand. ( Also call the police and report it)

We wanna thank you all for reading & following the rules that we ask for everyone to understand.

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